Karuna 全線特價發售,全店購物 / 網上訂購滿 $500再95折 Joyce Beauty 銷售量最多的面膜是來自美國的面膜專家 Karuna。 “Karuna” 這個名字來自梵語,意思是「慈悲、憐愛」。 Linda Wang 認為護膚美容是人生中的一大智慧、學問,需要有愛與憐憫之心,每星期

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Karuna 是梵文字,常見於印度教和佛教。它可解作「減輕他人苦難」,亦可解作為「慈悲的行動」。當個人獲此啟蒙,他們都稱所有人是一體。因此,也正因為所有人是一體,沒有區別地將慈悲的行動或Karuna 伸延到其他人身上是很自然的一回事。

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The Pali commentaries distinguish between karuṇā and mettā in the following complementary manner: Karuna is the desire to remove harm and suffering (ahita-dukkha-apanaya-kāmatā) from others; while mettā is the desire to bring about the well-being andhita

Bengali: করুণা, (kôruna)

另外,搽了Karuna Vitamin C+ Pearl的青蘋果在氧化速度也減慢,3日後依然效果明顯。 續使用7天Karuna Vitamin C+Pearls,搭配Karuna Hydrating Mask,為肌膚注入源源水份,細紋減淡,均勻膚色,只需一星期肌膚變得亮麗透澤。

Karuna “Karuna” comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “compassion, love and affection.” The founder Linda Wang believes skin care is a great wisdom and knowledge in life. She suggests to set aside some private time for ourselves in busy life, in order to

Karuna is on a Mission to develop first-in-class therapeutics that have the potential to dramatically improve life for people living with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and pain, and their families.

Karuna builds software that automates common care management tasks so that care management teams can get back to doing what they do best: building deeper, more impactful relationships with vulnerable patients.